Jan 142018

Ça s’peut c’est pas mal de cela qu’on se regarde dans un miroir, avec l’argent qui se pelle sur l’endos en minces bandes d’étamine de bijoutier. En ce jour les pluies on descendus des cieux sans tout au moins épargner les pauvres et les riches. Il fait trop chaud pour l’hiver de Terra Nova; saison qui a conquérit les envahisseurs pour bien des hivers mais pas assez pour sauver les gens pour qui cette terre était la leur.

Aujourd’hui c’est la maladie des Blancs qui nous mets à l’épreuve et on n’y peut rien autre que de s’y en faire. Chèr Trump qui nous Trompe et nous estompe de la malignance d’un peuple trop faible pour vivre trop ignorant pour s’en faire. Voilà, c’est a ton tour de chanter des chansons d’amour. Les mots the Genet nous frôle du passage, nous graffigne comme le chant de Pierre Guyotat, amère et ensanglanté d’une violence hors de portée mais clairsemée dans un jardin d’expulsion.


Band aids

Band Aids and Salve, to heal all ills.


Mar 012016

The Wall

I signed my name next to another Acadian’s, a tradition.

Accommodations in Helsinki

The biggest little apartment in town. So small, but so well organized. This is an actual Helsinki apartment.

What a month it has been. I have met some really interesting and great artists from all over the world in an amazing setting. It has been such a long time since I have been able to devote so much time and energy uniquely towards being creative; I feel honoured to have been selected among such a talented and charming group of people. I also feel honoured that my students and my employer (Grenfell Campus) were so gracious in allowing me this opportunity, this alone gave me the impetus to work hard and dedicate myself to doing what I had to do.

Much work has been created, most of it will be a framework to develop many future projects. Below is one of the pieces I left with my hosts at Arteles. It is relatively resolved, meaning I took some time and “performed” some sound to it. Of course this will evolve as I work with it more. I am hoping to gather my courage and propose an actual public performance in the near future.

A “final” version of this work made during a residency at Arteles Creative Centre in Haukijärvi, Finland. It is a reflection on how silence, awareness and existence co-exist in uneasy harmony. Silence is impossible, awareness is difficult and existence just is. The work is designed to be projected during performance of sound works, the soundtrack is one such “performance” played out while watching the moving images. Loops, reiterations and différence and répétition all thanks to Gilles Deleuze.

Across thee Silence version 03 /with sound from Pierre LeBlanc on Vimeo.


Feb 212016

Words for J.B.

From J. Baldessari- "I will not make boring art"

Still from J. Baldessari
“I will not make boring art”

Text based art can be fun, exhilarating since it calls language into question, gives it a form.

This is the most recent piece from my residency experience, inspired by conversations, materials at hand and time to be in tune with imagination.

There is a John Baldessari work that keeps rolling around in my head, it is about boring art and… not making it. [openculture.com/2013/08/john-baldessaris-i-will-not-make-any-more-boring-art-a-1971-conceptual-art-piecediy-art-course.html] I really love the piece in all its humour and thoughtfulness. This work is a reply to JB. It is an initial exploration and will evolve to something else at some point, with any luck.

Part of it is my attraction to slow art, art that simmers in the brain only to reveal its reality when least expected. This kind of art tends to be “boring” at first glance but it “explodes inside the head later on”, I am paraphrasing Baltz. This is why I find inspiration in conceptual art, Tarkovsky films, the images of Lewis Baltz and dronesounds.

Words for J.B. – with kindest respect from Pierre LeBlanc :: Vimeo.



Feb 192016


What follows was written a week and a half ago, a moment of selfish self-reflection perhaps, I just hope it is not self-pity since that is not my intention. I kept it my drafts until now since I wanted to sleep on it, make sure it was not just a self-interested brain fart. But I think it has something to do with ideas around learning and teaching.

Being an academic was never a goal, I just kind of fell into it as opportunities presented themselves. I truly love this work and I gladly accept the responsibilities that come with it. Like any system, it is good to look at it critically and to consider if there is not a better, more inspiring, way to do the job. I am an artist, it is a natural tendency.

I don’t do things to for a paycheque or to provide another line for my curriculum vitae, I do things because they look interesting, because they will stimulate something new, because they take me outside of my comfort zone, because somehow they will help me grow, because I want to be part of things. My main goal in life is to grow, be better (whatever that can mean) than I was the previous day. Systems can be like that too, they can be open, invite a little chaos to shake things up etc. But systems are resistant. Like the sculptor dealing with material reality one needs to find the shape in the form and gradually pull it out. Its an old school vision of sculpture, but it is enduring.

Sauna at Arteles

The Finnish Sauna. More decisions are made here than in any boardroom.

I have had the most full and productive days of art making since finishing grad school (that would be 01991 for those with a time machine) . For the first time since I can remember I got up, made shit, ate,, made more shit, ate a bit more, made more shit until I could make shit no more. What is it about doing the academic thing that tears your work away from you? After all, it is your work that brought you here. I am pretty sure many academics feel that way to some degree. Don’t get me wrong, the job comes with so many privileges and challenges that it is totally worth it. BUT. There is a point where one gets wrapped up in the paycheque, the “simulated-image-of-virtual-power”, the ass kissing, ethics bending, wrong absolving, other cheek turning…. anyway, one comes to forget who they are, what their gut tells them is right.

This opportunity has made me come to full realization of how much of my self I have been repressing; academia in the university-of-today’s sense with all the committees, reports and side projects tends to stymie one’s imagination (this starts at the MFA). “Fit in or fuck off” is the rule of thumb, even in the geek world.  It takes an experience like the one I am having now (and other stuff I won’t get into right now) to get over all of that and realize that one is here because they are inherently qualified (not just academically) to inspire and to build.

There is only one single rule: Respect the Imagination.

This does not mean agree with or disagree with; it means being fully comfortable with your own creativity and imagination so that you can help others imaginations flourish. PERIOD. After all, most of what I teach in terms of the practicalities of practice is downloadable these days. So what is it that I do teach? Hopefully what that is, is about respecting imagination, realizing potential, thinking in funky ways and having an openness to all things that help ones creativity grow, the interweb, as great as it is, does not do this stuff very well.

I cannot cite a paper or provide a spreadsheet of data to prove it; feeling it is just not good enough in today’s knowledge economy. We move through a world of structures and architectures that need to be negotiated, this is to be expected, but we can also change this. We can take hinges off doors, put the welder next to the Charles Brand press, hack PhotoShop; so lets do it. Lets build something new, something open where there is no longer high art and low art (might not even be art anymore for all I know), the point is to explore, experiment and make stuff. Grow.