Artists and educator, based in Newfoundland Canada. My work centres around the land, the subject and notions of scale and proportion as designated by historical convention. Right now I am interested in "time" from a Bergsonian-seen-through-Deleuze standpoint.

Jan 172018

Eyes closed, wide shut

Lashes lashed to interior spaces

Spaces rife within a rut

A hand full of aces.

Hold, Fold

A story so very old

A wager on the odds of losing everything

A match slowly sparking.



Closed as slits, opened to the inside. Eyes looking internally for sparks and misfires, signs of loss of circuitry, excess of voltage unchecked.

Jan 162018

Trying to avoid too much personal detail in these posts. It is difficult seeing where I am and have been for a good while. Suffering the consequence of a mixture of medical substances to help control too many issues with my bowels and my brains. On is perhaps equal to the other but needing different profilaxis all leading to seizure and discombobulations.

Sense of time altered, hours run into minutes and hours run into days, not in any particular order. It is omission and commission and often par for course on this weird GPS track. I am hoping to make a map of it all, with a starting point and an exit point where I leave this world of whirligigs and bobs and bits. Small pieces of puzzles without a reference.

New information gleaned during one of the tests, some strange swelling of the lymph nodes on the right side of my neck. There was a biopsy and nothing malignant was found. I will be fascinating to see where the course of treatment will lead me.

Between the ears, a textured and snowy surface. Vegetation struggling with the unfriendly season to find peace in dormancy.

Jan 152018

A better move toward le lendemain et le surlendemain. Ici et là. Plutôt qu’immédiat à la vieille veille du jour autour qui tourne toujours, en ronds asymétriques. A little frustrated at the changing routines of day light, of the beginning of the days that come too quickly for the shift change. That are not quiet or accommodating.


Criss Cross, parking for blue zoners. Wider and more convenient.

Jan 142018

Ça s’peut c’est pas mal de cela qu’on se regarde dans un miroir, avec l’argent qui se pelle sur l’endos en minces bandes d’étamine de bijoutier. En ce jour les pluies on descendus des cieux sans tout au moins épargner les pauvres et les riches. Il fait trop chaud pour l’hiver de Terra Nova; saison qui a conquérit les envahisseurs pour bien des hivers mais pas assez pour sauver les gens pour qui cette terre était la leur.

Aujourd’hui c’est la maladie des Blancs qui nous mets à l’épreuve et on n’y peut rien autre que de s’y en faire. Chèr Trump qui nous Trompe et nous estompe de la malignance d’un peuple trop faible pour vivre trop ignorant pour s’en faire. Voilà, c’est a ton tour de chanter des chansons d’amour. Les mots the Genet nous frôle du passage, nous graffigne comme le chant de Pierre Guyotat, amère et ensanglanté d’une violence hors de portée mais clairsemée dans un jardin d’expulsion.


Band aids

Band Aids and Salve, to heal all ills.