Feb 212016

Words for J.B.

From J. Baldessari- "I will not make boring art"

Still from J. Baldessari
“I will not make boring art”

Text based art can be fun, exhilarating since it calls language into question, gives it a form.

This is the most recent piece from my residency experience, inspired by conversations, materials at hand and time to be in tune with imagination.

There is a John Baldessari work that keeps rolling around in my head, it is about boring art and… not making it. [openculture.com/2013/08/john-baldessaris-i-will-not-make-any-more-boring-art-a-1971-conceptual-art-piecediy-art-course.html] I really love the piece in all its humour and thoughtfulness. This work is a reply to JB. It is an initial exploration and will evolve to something else at some point, with any luck.

Part of it is my attraction to slow art, art that simmers in the brain only to reveal its reality when least expected. This kind of art tends to be “boring” at first glance but it “explodes inside the head later on”, I am paraphrasing Baltz. This is why I find inspiration in conceptual art, Tarkovsky films, the images of Lewis Baltz and dronesounds.

Words for J.B. – with kindest respect from Pierre LeBlanc :: Vimeo.