When you know.

Boris and Radiohead at full fucking blast. Hypocritical Western Philosophy in my mind’s eye.

Who the sweet fuck do we serve?

It will be interesting to see if any actual people get back to me on this. Sheep do not usually draw attention to themselves, it is a technique to ensure survival. But when it is fossil time; it is fossil time baby.

Ludicrous Humanity Part 1

Ludicrous Humanity Part 1

That one is for you to think about, I serve humanity.

Who is cool ?

DO YOU think i give a sweet fuck
The cool one’s are not the poets or creatives.
They are the cool and the cool mean nothing.
less than that.

STOP listening to the voices.
STOP giving the voices power.
FUCK power, power is Satan’s tool.

Fuck you all
you have bought into it all
you have used position as power
power as a way to manipulate

Power as a way to
mange your complexion.

Today we rise
Today we fuck you up.