Feb 162016

Since starting to work with sound, I have always been projecting some kind of imagery on the wall in front of me for inspiration; usually it has been Andrei Tarkovsy’s “Stalker”, the most visually stimulating film for me.

What I have realized during my experience at Arteles is this is actually part of my process. I have been developing sound and video simultaneously as I work. The sound is not at all a “soundtrack” for the video or the video a “imagetrack” for the sound. It is something else entirely. Together they seem to create a mindscape of sorts; a way to explore experience and the persistence of memory. Merci Marcel Proust! Once I spend a bit of time with performing to these images I will add a version with sound.


Across the Silence v02 – (soundless version) from Pierre LeBlanc on Vimeo.

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