Jul 212016

There is a practice to preparing the perfectly tied skate. It is acquired over time and patience; many painful practices and games before getting it close to just right. Every player has a trick of their own, ’cause the fucking things are painful at the best of times. All editorials aside, there is a certain fluidity and tension in those few moments spent getting the blades on the bottoms of your feet.

I am still left rather startled at this /idea/ intruding on me this way. Being present and oddly potent. It all started with a few recordings at a Canadien vs. Toronto game at the Molson Centre in Montréal in 02012. Something in those WAV files infected my imagination.

Feb 162016

Since starting to work with sound, I have always been projecting some kind of imagery on the wall in front of me for inspiration; usually it has been Andrei Tarkovsy’s “Stalker”, the most visually stimulating film for me.

What I have realized during my experience at Arteles is this is actually part of my process. I have been developing sound and video simultaneously as I work. The sound is not at all a “soundtrack” for the video or the video a “imagetrack” for the sound. It is something else entirely. Together they seem to create a mindscape of sorts; a way to explore experience and the persistence of memory. Merci Marcel Proust! Once I spend a bit of time with performing to these images I will add a version with sound.


Across the Silence v02 – (soundless version) from Pierre LeBlanc on Vimeo.

Feb 132016

Some work in progress.

I am teaching myself the Processing programming environment… for the third time and trying hard not to get discouraged this time. And I am not, I think I finally am getting a sense of how programming can be integrated into my creativity and imagination.

The program that created this video and sound piece is using a poetic language to determine variables; silence, awareness and existence are variables given some randomness within certain values. These values then enter into how and where objects appear.

Silence::Awareness::Existence – Processing Maquette : Haukijärvi, Finland from Pierre LeBlanc on Vimeo.