Feb 172016
Aurora Wondrous Haukijärvi 3

The Event

Aurora Wondrous Haukijärvi

Aurora Wondrous Haukijärvi 1

It was not the most spectacular or long lasting, but all events have significance; they bring with them their own special dynamic and provoke response. We get to be fascinated children gleefully dancing to the music of chance.

Aurora Wondrous Haukijärvi 4

Moving blob of glow

Being part of a herd of artists scurrying around, finding the best angle and exposure, excitedly chatting and wondering (and in the act of witnessing wonder). The event created an event.

Aurora Wondrous Haukijärvi 3

Aurora Wondrous Haukijärvi presen[t]ce

Clouds were rolling in the event taking on its own course, giving us a brief but intense glimpse.

Aurora Wondrous Haukijärvi

Aurora Wondrous Haukijärvi 2

Fingers cold enough that one could not find those buttons that have become so familiar, fumbling with apertures and shutters.

Tree inverted

Can’t see the tree for the forest.

How can we be sure something happened if no one saw us there?

Orion came to the show

Orion came to the show, witnessing the witnesses.


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