Jul 232016
Cleanliness and Order 04

Order serves at showing, inconsistencies in our methods of determining the ideal angle of zero degrees given odd geographical details.


WHO? is Nauseam and why to we write ads to it?

Aug 312012

Swimming, it was my favourite thing to do my whole life. Until the last couple of years where I have developed an odd aversion to it, though I still really enjoy being in the water. I would swim almost every day and, in the summer, I could not wait to find a pond, a river or an ocean to jump into. Really, it seems to be the quiet…

Piscine [Grand Cru]

Piscine [Grand Cru] :: St. Petersburg FL, 02012


A great awesome silence where you get to hear your body’s workings, oddly amplified by water vibration. A silence that has a beat and a rhythm that can be controlled with a bit of concentration. Sped up a beat or two per minute, then slowed down; the breath becoming a longer harmonic sequence. A rush of air through a pipe, a much longer loop. Then there are odd muffled sounds coming from “outside”. Quiet does not necessarily mean the absence of sound, it is more a question of the opportunity to hear those sounds that don’t cry for quite as much attention.



Pond Song

Pond Song :: Beaver Pond NL, 02012

Images of that quiet; images that make the sound of quiet.