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Jul 252011

And so it is, we move we displace we saunter, but all in all we are idle. Standing in front of what is behind, just so. To suggest there is something behind confirms that there is something ahead. Spacial [special] theorem of the day, time as space would also fit into this. No? I’ll have the theorem special #4, it comes with egg rolls.

Retouching scanned negatives, tiz the summer for that it appears. The results are outstanding but questions remain. As the retouching process continues, the idea of “cleaning up” the images is always there. At what point does the removal of spots and dust become a removal of the artifacts that make an analogue photograph what it is. The decision tomake is what artifacts to keep and which to make disappear and at what point will the photograph become a capture?

– Posted from GEDEON XXIII

Location:Central Street,Bay Roberts,Canada