Dec 282012

It is true, and this letter was trying to tell him something, but the force of the blow, coming as it did during a moment of great ego satisfaction, seemed to affect her ability to follow rational linear narrative forms. And this is why War and Peace was very slow to read indeed.




Oct 042011

There is more. What exactly does more mean? Another langscape? Another landguage? It is nature to look at the fescue on the other side of the divide and wonder at its marvelous greeness, luscious velosity. But it is movement that is at issue, or rather displacement.

Roberto dell Griva sits by the gunwale of the shipwrecked vessel. He ponders the idea that what he sees before him is yesterday. When he sees a bird flying there, he knows it is not there now. He can’t swim. He knows that if he dives off the ship and swims toward the island, he will be swimming towards the day before. But, as mentioned, he cannot swim. Is this what it means to consider the verdosity of the fescue outside the limits of the enclosure? Of course it is. Get over it.

Nov 272010

Too long since the last post. Images piling up losing context and foresight.

Have been thinking about ownership in the online universe. Does an asset really belong to anyone anymore and does ownership actually mean anything today? Of course the question is rhetorical, a rhetoric; it could even be sophistic. All resides in the user. Freedom is a responsibility and that is so much more important than a right, it is the social contract.

Long live the little animals that run wild in the kingdom of the wild.