Jul 232016
Cleanliness and Order 03

Insects… that seems to be all that comes to mind. The inviting hive resisting my odd flying habits.

C’est comme cela la syntax du moment, y’a toujours un élément important auquel il nous manque une clef pour y réfléchir. Un moment d’inattention.

Sep 142012

These didn’t make it to the final cut either; but they are images that I quite like and will eventually use in another project sometime. Why wouldn’t an image I like not make the cut? Usually because something formal in the image makes it contrast with others, or loads a sequence with a type of emotional impact that could be considered manipulative in the context of the work I am making here.
The extreme symmetry making the eye tunnel into bits and pieces of boats, continually chopped up by the architectural object in the foreground. As much as the photograph pleases a certain appetite for symmetry; it presents it with a boldness and deliberateness that contrasts with the kind of rational distance I want to maintain in order to remain true to the “new topographic” aesthetic.

Trout River NL, 2009

Trout River NL, 2009

Making engaging photographs in the absence of light is a favourite challenge of many photographers. The ability to play with exposure and slowly, gently; light becoming a thick fluid that you allow to come into contact with the light sensitive surface. It is seductive, but ultimately quite dramatic in a very superficial way. I could not see how these could be at home with the body of work that has become “Plant”.

Steel I - Isle Aux Morts NL, 2009

Steel I – Isle Aux Morts NL, 2009

Steel II - Isle Aux Morts NL, 2009

Steel II – Isle Aux Morts NL, 2009

Steel III - Isle Aux Morts NL, 2009

Steel III – Isle Aux Morts NL, 2009

Steel IV - Isle Aux Morts NL, 2009

Steel IV – Isle Aux Morts NL, 2009

Jul 312012

Wow… talk about trying to stir up some excitement around a space launch. I can’t wait for it myself, I am a bit of a space nut; not so much the nitty gritty science of it but more how it can be conceptualized as truly exciting place to look for human creativity. I got this link to a video on APOD; it is the only website I visit on a fervent basis. Curiosity.

Deceased cats.

But more to the point, this video is actually quite hilarious, it is dramatically over cooked by about 15 minutes at 500 degrees Celsius. It is lurid and pornographic in a twisted way.



Jan 302012

It has been quite some time.

Too long really, through a mixture of other projects to finish; an exhibition that travelled to Ireland and Tasmania, on-going health issues that have slowed me down considerably, not to mention trying to see where things were going with this work I have been remiss in updating this blog. Plus, I have overhauled my website to consolidate blogs and webpages. You will notice a new look and feel, I hope it is more efficient and somewhat more engaging.

Truck, Woody Point

Truck, Woody Point

I have completed the first edit of the series and am really happy with the work. There is a total of 56 prints and I am thinking about splitting it up into two exhibition packages for travelling to communities, hopefully I could show the whole thing in a larger venue like The Rooms and onwards. Some of these will also be printed very large on vinyl or other “indestructible” surface so they can be shown outdoors at, or near, the fish plants I visited. All 56 images, plus one or two for design purposes should appear in the book, I have yet to start working with an editor but this will most likely be my initial manuscript. I have some interesting sequences and paginations in mind for this.

Trucks parked, Rocky Harbour

Trucks parked, Rocky Harbour

 I will use this blog to talk about the work, tell stories about the process, raise issues about photography and the image’s ability to relate “truth” or objective reality. Though this work is bracketed within a larger project with a social science and science lens, CURRA, I am hoping to bring in the potential role that visual culture can bring to a broad research base. My hope is that these images will engender discussion from a new perspective and engaging community and research in a new way.

I'd Rather Have, Woody Point

I'd Rather Have, Woody Point