Sep 102013

Well, finally some concrete work has come out of the Nomadic Sonic Warfare Machine Ensemble experiment. A limited edition playbutton has been produced with just shy of 50 minutes of sound with some visual stuff too (signed and numbered edition of 40). I still have some available, please email for details. The work is inspired by the infamous PSYOPS “Wandering Soul Tape”.


Stay tuned for regular excerpts.


Jul 132013

OK this is what is in front of me at this very moment, as the sun sets and a very light and refreshing breeze is wrapping me its jello like atmosphere.


Had a good day, it is the first time I try anything of any “envergure” since getting sick a few years ago… My deity! 4 years, four fucking years, but I digress. I cycled 60ish km on very hilly terrain, found a great camping spot… See picture… I have grown in the past 4 years, not really sure what that means yet.

Recorded sounds, did a few shots…. Instagram is where I feel it works in terms of a concept.