Systems Go, away.

Another brief from the Articles and from the Health Sciences Centre. An odd name for a hospital to be honest, a place of care and healing as well as a place for experiments and alchemy. Lovely.

Sadness seems to be my trusted companion, with it happiness and anger and hunger divide their time on my desire and imagination. I would not return to this place by choice, but it is a journey well worth undertaking. One learns both to love humanity and despise it just as much.

Alliances are fickle things, like a spurned lover, or a drunkard husband they seek to destroy all that is respectable in order to fulfill an inordinate need to possess total control on desire. Theirs and others.

At least Jacques Lacan thought that, he wrote of the Other with a capital “o” to name the object of desire, to make it an entity as real as the table you are sitting at. We succumb to our desire for the Other, we are crewel to the Other, we try hard to destroy the Other. We call it desire, but it is murder.


Helipad Hi-jinx

Spotted helipad in the great north, layered and juxtaposed with flesh and body. Again.

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