Feb 152016
Vertical Features 5

On Verticality, still[ness], [stand]ing.

In “Vertical Features Remake”, Peter Greenaway uses the simple device of counting frames on film to create a mythology around the elemental idea of a thing sticking out from the horizon. I was surprised when looking at my captures from this day to notice that all I seemed to be interested in was exactly that. This is my process, let chance (thanks Aiden) and coincidence fester and bleed into daily experience.

Vertical Features 1

Barn = Growth = Vertical (in this context)


In his commentary on the film, Greenaway speaks of our ability to spot symmetry on a spatial plane. We see the thing before us and we can feel comforted in symmetry, at ease knowing there is balance and order. But over a duration this ability becomes compromised, the acts of remembering and reconstructing seem to obfuscate symmetry. This is where working with motion and duration (soundvideo) becomes interesting to me. I am not a storyteller, or rather I resist seeing things as a beginning-middle-end construction. Time is independent form us, duration is how we define time; these are two very different actions/responses but we conflate them.

Vertical Features 2

Stilled Sprouting Still Looking to the Sky


Time happens all the time; past, present and future (conditional or not) are the same thing to Time, they do not exist in sequence they exist in simultaneity. This is foreign to the mind; like imagining what infinity really means it just slips a few steps beyond our grasp. The word on the tip of the tongue moving towards the throat instead of the lips.

Vertical Features 3

An indication on the land, the colour suggests caution to break the horizon.


Here/Now, the shadows are long all day. The light is like the light in the shadow of the mountain.

Vertical Features 4

The colour red becomes vertical by virtue of presence.


Le temps s’aventure sans nous et nous, nous sommes pratiquement incapables de percevoir le temps derrière la durée. Mais tout cela peu se changer, il suffit de détacher la montre du temps et comprendre que midi à quatorze heures ne veut rien dire au Temps.

Vertical Features 5

Tiny Verticals [Stun]ted Still R[each]ing.

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