Feb 032012

This new work with sound has got me completely enraptured, and about as insecure as it gets. I know that what I am doing needs to be done live (it sounds pretty good as a recording too, but that’s not the point). It seems that I enjoy the shifts and differences that come with each time I do it better and better. But when I consider all the mistakes I deal with when I am playing with the gear, I shudder at the thought of doing that in front of an audience. But at the same time that might be the point of it anyway.

With no precisely assigned title

Sans Titre Précis

I still like to play around with PhotoShop and explore ways of creating sequences. The software allows me to do that in space as well as linearly. I never liked cutting holes in photographs and quite honestly never had the patience for it. But this is different, there is a fluidity and a level of control that makes it into something more like clay.

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