Jan 152018
Parking in the Blue Zone on a Rainy Day

A better move toward le lendemain et le surlendemain. Ici et là. Plutôt qu’immédiat à la vieille veille du jour autour qui tourne toujours, en ronds asymétriques. A little frustrated at the changing routines of day light, of the beginning of the days that come too quickly for the shift change. That are not quiet […]

Jan 142018
Si six scies scient six ciprès

Ça s’peut c’est pas mal de cela qu’on se regarde dans un miroir, avec l’argent qui se pelle sur l’endos en minces bandes d’étamine de bijoutier. En ce jour les pluies on descendus des cieux sans tout au moins épargner les pauvres et les riches. Il fait trop chaud pour l’hiver de Terra Nova; saison […]

Jan 102018
Systems Go, away.

Another brief from the Articles and from the Health Sciences Centre. An odd name for a hospital to be honest, a place of care and healing as well as a place for experiments and alchemy. Lovely. Sadness seems to be my trusted companion, with it happiness and anger and hunger divide their time on my […]

Jan 092018
Guide Post for a Helicopter

Still cannot describe the feelings I have; about me, about the universe. I am pretty sure that time is a human invention and that it does not really exist outside our minds; the universe does not happen in time. At least time has no direction, one of our biggest mistakes. I am healing, it is […]