May 112014
Field, Ardifuir Scotland

Field, Ardifuir Scotland

These shots I take with the goal to eventually stitch them together… there are tons over the years. I guess I need to keep sitting there sticking, I always like them, especially when the process makes the overall picture just slightly wonky. The one above’s funky look comes from the length of the exposure and a somewhat too quick panning motion, the blur belies hesitations, second thoughts… first thoughts.

Sep 192013

The work is structured around the listening of the Wandering Soul PSYOPs tape from the Vietnam conflict. It was used to flush out enemy fire… in order to “comply” with the rules of engagement. As Jean-Luc is so fond of saying: “engage”.




Contact the Commission GEDEON Commission to order your own playbutton of the Wandering Soul Project by the Nomadic Sonic Warfare Ensemble.