Dec 042019

This is work I abandoned in 1986, a dismal MFA critique and a long road to wanting to find the energy source of this work. So now, I am coming back to it, I don’t think I got got to where I wanted to. A spiffy new camera makes it very easy to work in the dark with a flashlight and a 25 year old Metz flash.

Is it about anything? Good question…. The mechanical permutations of the body have always fascinated me. How can we shape-shift ourselves into another dimension of existence? Is this not where the collective consciousness becomes visible?

And yet, it does not look like anything at all…

Swan is a reference to the long languorous journey that is “A la rechèrche du temps perdu”, still reading it… been reading it for almost 20 years, there are tedious moments.

Nov 202019
Long time no post

Well, I have not been making images very much in the last couple of years. I have concentrated all my efforts on developing work with sound. And it has been going well, but my web presence was more at SoundCloud than here. Speaking of which, I am considering moving to BandCamp. So after much waiting, […]