The truth is Out THERE!!!!

A film, such a special and affective film; Andrei Tarkovsy’s “Solaris”. Psychiatrist Dr. Kelvin is sent on a mission to a space station where things are not quite going right.

When he gets there he keeps coming home to his space and seeing his wife waiting for him. His wife committed suicide years ago. This keeps happening and he keeps having to kill her to stop the visions. This goes on for a good three hours as we see these beautiful images of the planet giving us all we need to know that the planet is an entity itself, rather than counting entities.

Stanislaw Lem who wrote the book, hated the film. He preferred Stephen Soderberg’s to Tarkovsky’s version… Cluney played Kelvin in Soderberg’s and I am absolutely convinced there is a connection between Cluney’s “Midnight Sky” and Tarkovsky’s “Solaris”.


Happy new 360 day period… really? does it really and truly change?

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