Ears – Hearing the New Science

Trying to avoid too much personal detail in these posts. It is difficult seeing where I am and have been for a good while. Suffering the consequence of a mixture of medical substances to help control too many issues with my bowels and my brains. On is perhaps equal to the other but needing different profilaxis all leading to seizure and discombobulations.

Sense of time altered, hours run into minutes and hours run into days, not in any particular order. It is omission and commission and often par for course on this weird GPS track. I am hoping to make a map of it all, with a starting point and an exit point where I leave this world of whirligigs and bobs and bits. Small pieces of puzzles without a reference.

New information gleaned during one of the tests, some strange swelling of the lymph nodes on the right side of my neck. There was a biopsy and nothing malignant was found. I will be fascinating to see where the course of treatment will lead me.

Between the ears, a textured and snowy surface. Vegetation struggling with the unfriendly season to find peace in dormancy.

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