On pins and needles.


Ah, there be days… there be days. E have always felt that words were so cumbersome to handle. E preferred images much much, and then more recently audio. Working with sound feels just like working with sculpture for me, except that I am both inside and outside the shape at the same time. It is a human scale Klein Bottle.


Pins and (K)Needles, from north-east to west-south-west.

Pins and (K)Needles, from north-east to west-south-west.


The day was a disappointment, not something one ends up regretting. But just full of those little things. He nicked his chin shaving*. Didn’t put the coffee maker together right and the resulting steam jettisoned from its sides, evenly spraying the nook with coffee grinds. Got unpleasant news in the mail.

It was sunny and cold.

*subsequently forgetting to remove the small piece of toilet paper used to stem to flow of blood and thus presented himself publicly with an oddly shaped flag of Japan stuck to the middle of his left jawbone, just above the hard curve falling towards the neck.

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