Jul 012013

I will be posting a series of images and ruminations following a recent field trip to François Newfoundland. This work is part of a project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada that I am collaborating on with my colleagues Marlene MacCallum and David Morrish; we are looking into ideas around collaboration-dissemination-creation as a cyclical, even indefinite, process. We are also working with Clifton Meador and Steve Woodall who are faculty at Columbia College in Chicago, C.M. was part of this filed work.


Experiences, locations, dislocations yes, especially dislocations are pretty well what research in media is all about. I really do not know what to call it all anymore; words like “media” seem to point to an idea that the tools being used are the context for the discussion; as a species, artists are really having a hard time moving away from this object oriented way of thinking. One could argue, and this is the position of the Commission, that an artistic practice is primarily an intellectual activity. An intellectual activity must include all aspects of sensation, art allows us to make an attempt at giving all this information (data) a presence within and without the imagination. This includes all the methodologies/technologies of “making” appropriate to how the intellectual filtering of  said experience finds an audience/user.

East Point (right)

West Point (left)

Chaleur Bay (east)

François Bay (west)

Standing still, vertiginous.


Between François and Chaleur

Between François and Chaleur

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