Jul 102011

Interesting Drive.

I really do think that automobiles were just the wrong way to go.

Including myself, there were way too many single occupant vehicles on that f#€¥*% highway today. Roads were damp, at times wet, mostly needing some kind of attention.

Content de me retrouver avec quelques journées de temps à dévouer au travail de studio. Ce n’est pas un boulot très facile que d’essayer un peu de faire accroire qu’on sait de ce que l’on parle. I read Deleuze Deleuze like that, his most brilliant observations happen when he obviously does not have a clue of where he is going.

[I was listening to Nora Young today on Spark, and for the third time listened to the show on McLuhan’s B’day, and was just set to thinking about parallels in his and “the big D”‘s work. I am presently listening to The Residents first release, “Meet The Residents”; which is, by the way, a necessity in anyone’s record collection. Anyway, I am always surprised at this uniquely Canadian way of trying to eek out our legends. If there is possibly something singularly and hopelessly Canadian about us…]GED

[sorry…. Got to the end of the LP] BRB

… this obsession with trying to figure out what the sweet jelly roll is a Nuk ( veiled reference to “The Infinite Jest”, a must for any SPARK’s listener’s reading list… but don’t bother if you are a stuffed up academic with only a performance art enabled enthusiasm for humour; it jest won’t werk.

A good, outside the box reading of Mille Plateaux, in French preferably; Brian Massumi wrote a really excellent translation of, it but it ain’t french so one must allow for meanderings.

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