So it begins, as it ever has

I arrived today in Twillingate, I have the pleasure and honour to be one of two resident artists for this season. I get to live and work here until October, I will also teach my classes from here. I will be teaching from the position of an artist and not from that of a professor… I like that.

The first little drive after supper, the light was fabulous.

Again, the light, it sparkles and twinkles and makes the land come alive.

My project here, if I can be so bold as to use that word, will be to produce audio work based on the sounds and impressions I collect over the time of my stay. At first, it will be about collecting and processing, seeing how the sound that is always present can be taken out of its immediate and remain present. A bell is always a bell, whether real or coming across the radio waves… it rings.

Here is the fist sketch of my studio, everything is plugged in and working.

Vivia Los Bruit!

Now is the end of the first day. One episode of American Gods and off to bed.

New… songs ¿

Working a lot these days. Just editing recordings some as recent as today, some ten or twelve years old. I am coming to a certain place with the conceptualization of the loop and how the loop points to cyclic space, in no time I am thinking of cycling life and Buddhist ideas become enlightening.

So I enjoy the relentless overdubbing of sounds, it becomes hypnotic, completely trance inducing. What I am trying to do is use the most “unpleasant” sounds in the proper syncopation to create this effect.

That was created starting form a recording from an audio testing disc from the ’70’s. I love the announcers voice because it is so flexible to filters and alterations. There are many other samples used to replace drum hits and side chains to keyboards. It sounds so complicated but is just seems to come.

A line from “The Western Lands” a book by William S. Burroughs, it is a retelling of the passage from life to the after life as seen by this fascinating and imaginative mind. “He sold his should for a strap-on” pretty well tells the whole story of violence and intolerance.