A post for today’s festivities

Gosh, I really don’t use this enough, I am really not setting a good example to my students who I ask to keep a blog of their thoughts and inspirations. I really should listen to my own preaching.

It has been a long term, online teaching slows everything down. Things that take a few seconds in real time, take minutes in interweb time. But, I had the best class ever this year; they all made good work and they all worked really hard. Interesting, my approach to online teaching was to turn my classes into a TV show. I think it worked quite well.

Now it is time for re/search, the real point of the work and the job; although we are often supposedly proven wrong. That is a horse of a different colour.

Without further ado…

Viva Cinquo De Mayo, arriba!

The Matriarch, connected to the Subharmonicon, some ecstasy and meditation and then the noise comes.